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P!NK: Summer Carnival 2024

P!NK: Summer Carnival 2024

Jul 2024
to 11
Jul 2024


For this concert we work with Mobile Tickets Only
Mobile Tickets are tickets that are directly linked to your Ticketmaster account. That means you cannot transfer any of the tickets to others. If you have tickets for more people in your account, you have to enter at the same time. At the entrance, we scan all tickets simultaneously from your phone.
Read more about mobile tickets here: www.ticketmaster.nl/mobiele-tickets


Ordering tickets from abroad
You can order tickets from abroad at www.ticketmaster.nl or by telephone at our Call Center, tel: 0031 88 123 24 25 (only available when you live abroad).

When you place an order at our website, you can pay your order with a valid credit card. Due to fraud prevention, credit cards that are not registered in Europe are often not accepted. You can buy your tickets online with your Mastercard or VISA credit card when this is registered at one of the European or American Mastercard or VISA secured countries. American Express credit cards are only accepted when they are registered in the Netherlands.

In case you order tickets from abroad at our Call Center, you can make a payment with a Mastercard or VISA credit card. You will receive an e-mail to make your payment. When you order tickets at our Call Center, we will bring a fee of €10,- in charge for transaction- and delivery charges.

During your visit at the Netherlands you are also able to purchase tickets at the venue on the evening of the event, in case the event is not sold out.

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